Welcome to Fresh Start Family Services, LLC. We are a behavioral and mental health services company helping people in the Las Vegas community transform their lives by offering hope and opportunities for wellness & independence. From client to health care provider, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide our clients with the most quality behavioral and mental health care available.

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Commitment: There’s Value in Commitment

Fresh Start has an uncompromising commitment to providing quality programs and services.

Fresh Start is committed to socially responsible business practices and community responsiveness.

Character: There’s Value in Character

Fresh Start not only identifies problems, we strive to solve them.

We realize that our strength in character is vital in what we do.

In our partnerships, integrity, trust, respect, and dependability are essential to our success.

Family: There’s Value in Family

The Fresh Start family consists of consumers, clients and their families, the community, business associates, and volunteers.

We are committed to providing safe, secure, and responsive services for the entire family.

Family involvement is vital to the success of our programs and services.

Our core values serve as the foundation for the programs and services that we provide.