Our program focuses on a different behavioral model daily with our main goal always being to stabilize young people with severe emotional and/or behavioral disturbances. Treatment is provided in an educational setting with therapeutic intensive clinical services. Assessment of functioning to treatment plan is established initially and treatment needs are modified as needed. Reintegration into the home, school, and or community is always our goal. Services include:

• Group Therapy - Feelings, behaviors, and problems are discussed as a group

• Individual Intervention - One-to-one time to talk about feelings, issues, and strengths

• Process Groups - Help identify behavior patterns and find productive ways to respond to situations and feelings

• School - The youth coordinator provides daily assistance and coordinates with the youth’s school to ensure academic success

• Family Therapy - Discuss stressors in the home and the strengths each caregiver and child have to overcome for solutions

• Recreation/Activity Therapy - Teaches and strengthens skills that develop cooperation in group activities, improve health, and heighten self-esteem.

• Parent/Family Teaching – Youth Coordinators meet with parents and caregivers daily to review alternatives for dealing with behavior.

• Medication Information – Our clinicians make referrals for medication management

• Goal Setting - Youth work on specific goals daily. Families are encouraged to continue to help with evening goal work.

Target Population:

Day Treatment staff have the experience and expertise to work effectively with youth who:

• Have behaviors of defiance, and hostility, ( i.e., lose their temper, argue with adults, blame others for his/her mistakes, act angry or resentful, deliberately annoy people

• Have behaviors of inattention and/or hyperactivity, ( i.e., do not seem to listen when spoken to directly, do not follow through on instruction, avoid or dislike school work or homework, leave their seat in classroom settings when remaining seated is expected

• Violate the basic rights of others, ( i.e., acts aggressively toward people and animals, destroys property, lie or steal, violate rules such as curfew, run away from home, are truant from school, are depressed or suicidal

• Have difficulties dealing with the impact of sexual abuse including issues of trust, fearfulness, and acting out behavior

How to Participate

• For more information or to participate in Fresh Start Family Services’ Day Treatment program, please call 702-489-6318. A consultation will be scheduled with our program staff to assess the child's difficulties and make recommendations for treatment. Applicants should have fee for service Medicaid.

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